Week 34

Welcome to a new week readers.

Check out this week’s interview with Mr. Gbenro Adegbola.

Mr. Gbenro Adegbola is the Managing Director and Publisher of Evans Publishers (Nigeria) Ltd. He was kind enough to share his experiences in and insights on the publishing industry in Nigeria.

Also check out “Being“, a brand new and awesome pastel painting by our new contributor, Bruce Silton.

Look out for next week’s interview with Sefi Atta, author of Everything Good Will Come and inaugural winner of the Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature. As well as more paintings, poetry, and short stories.


One comment on “Week 34

  1. I told Sheriff about my brother Bruce’s artwork because I believe he’s doing some of the most beautiful artwork of any age. His pastel painting, “Being” is a gorgeous example and looks wonderful. Sheriff deserves kudos for giving Bruce’s work (which is collectable and is owned by many people) an even wider audience. People can also visit his website: http://www.brucesilton.com Okay. I’m a shameless promoter of his work and I admit it. But it is all deserved. Stay tuned everyone. There’s more to come. Leslie Silton, Writer/Artist/Poet

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