Leslie Silton

One night in 1965 in a badly-lit Greenwich Village coffee house,  Leslie launched her life as an artist by reading her poems to several influential Beat poets. Now, in July 2012 her full resume runs to 5 pages of production and accomplishments.  She has participated in over 200 poetry readings, self-published half a dozen chapbooks and had her poems placed in various small press magazines, quarterlies, web sites and blogs.  In 2006 three poems were accepted for the ambitious, well-received, “A Chaos of Angels” published by Wordwalker Press in the USA.

            Besides being awarded her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art,  her paintings have been exhibited in Boston, Los Angeles, and Paris, France and purchased by people from around the world. In 2003, she designed and painted two large-scale murals on grammar school playgrounds in Los Angeles on behalf of “Youth For Human Rights International” to focus much-needed attention on The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. In the early 1980’s her fine art color photography became the next medium of expression and she has sold prints and hand-made art cards.

            In the field of fiction, “The Footprint” was published in the anthology entitled “Triumph of the Human Spirit”, published by Artists For A Better World.   Other short stories published since then are “The Storm of the Century” in an anthology by Sleeping Cat Books and  “The Emperor’s Gate” on Neal James’ website.  “In Lewis Carroll Country” will be published on James’ website in Dec. 2012.   Her adventures in publishing have just begun.

Meanwhile, since 2010, Leslie has turned her hand to book editing and writer’s coach, working often with first-time writers. People should feel free to contact her with enquiries or comments at Leslie.silton@prodigy.net. Her hand-made poetry books are available for purchase.

One of her favourite quotes is by humanitarian/educator/philosopher L. Ron Hubbard: “A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.”



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