The Wizard


Allow me to tell you about The Wizard.

It was a rainy day, as I recall…

even the grass looked lonely.


He was trotting down the street,

gracefully striding small puddles…

The neighbor’s dog laughed,

as only a dog can do…


A little girl of six sat on her wooden porch

cuddling a teddy bear of ancient demeanor,

and she smiled as The Wizard glided

on the damp concrete…


The Wizard’s beingness sailed outwards –

his energy reached and stretched –

gathering the remaining darkness

and dissolving the shadows …


The bushy dog joined up

and the little girl called out, “Me, too,”

skipping in tune with the moment.


I saw the sun– golden traces —

sneaking a quick cloud peek;

and the grass perked,

as the quartet did figure eights

near the playground.


                                You can always recognize

                                a true Wizard at work:

                                colors intensify and joy prevails.



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